Maldives is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. Malé is the capital and it is a country known for world class scuba diving and calendar worthy beaches. As far as tropical destinations go, the Maldives is cream of the crop. The sand is starchy white powder and the water is so teal you can see for meters upon meters. The underwater world offers giant Manta rays, whale sharks and more varieties of fish then you could even chart in your log book.

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Currency: Maldive Rufiyaa ( $1USD = 15.4MVR | Dec 2015 rate)

Climate: Tropical, humid and very warm

Primary Religion: Muslim

Local Languages: Maldivian

Etiquette Tips: Dress modestly when around locals, women should wear long pants and shirts with long sleeves to avoid unwanted attention, tight fitting clothing should be avoided out of respect for the culture when in towns/villages, follow beach rules- some public peaches do not allow conventional swimwear

Must Visit: Malé, South Ari Atoll

Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss: Scuba diving the spectacular reefs, hanging out on deserted islands

Things you shouldn’t do: Do not give money to begging children, do not sunbathe nude, do not walk in villages or cities without proper clothing on