10 Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

For budget travelers though, while this is a fascinating part of the world to explore, many countries in Europe have a reputation for being expensive, in particular in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

From the Iberian Peninsula to the colder climes of the former Eastern Bloc, here are the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Once one of the most isolated places in Europe, but today, it’s slowly gaining a reputation for itself amongst intrepid travelers, because it’s possibly the cheapest place to travel in Europe.



Ukraine and cities such as Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa are surging in popularity, and prices still remain exceptionally low even in the most touristy places.


The country offers similarly spectacular coastline and history for much lower prices. Despite its small size, there are plenty of incredible things to do in Montenegro.


With the popularity of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is an absolute must-visit while in Croatia. Despite the fame, you can still score great deals, so do not hesitate to add the city to your itinerary.



Budapest is still cheap, but explore lesser-known spots such as Lake Balaton or Debrecen and prices are even lower.

Czech Republic

A great destination for beer and nature lovers. The country has a treasure trove of small cities to explore, where you’ll find hardly any other travelers.


One of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, and with cheap transport, food and accommodation – and importantly, cheap beer! – it’s hard to go wrong.

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