13 Reasons to Take a Central America Cruise with UnCruise

There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a Central America cruise for your next vacation.

One of those companies is UnCruise Adventures, a small ship company that prides itself on off the beaten path exploration and small capacity ships.


UnCruise has managed to put together a dream Central America cruise itinerary that shows you the very best of both Costa Rica and Panama.

Unique Itinerary

The Safari Voyager, the UnCruise flagship in Central America, has 32 cabins and can accommodate 62 guests.

Small Ship

Small-Group Sizes

There may be 62 people onboard but each day a number of excursions are offered, each with a number cap.

Unlike on most bigger cruise ships, UnCruise is truly all-inclusive. There are no meal upgrades and no expensive drink tabs.

Food & Drinks are Included

All Excursions are included

Going along the same theme as the bar, you don’t pay extra for excursions if you cruise Central America with UnCruise.

When you book a Central America cruise with UnCruise, you’re booking an adventure. This means you are in for a real boot on the ground experience.

All the Hiking

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