15 Least Visited National Parks in the USA 

If you’re looking for an adventure-fueled getaway but want to beat the crowds, you should consider visiting the least visited National Parks in the United States.

We assure you these low visitor figures are not due to the parks’ lack of natural beauty but instead their difficult accessibility with many being located in remote parts of the country.


A new national park radiating peace and tranquility making it hard to believe it was an ancient active volcano field 23 million years ago.

15. Pinnacles National Park, California

14. Voyageurs National Park

It is home to four huge lakes along with masses of waterways, peninsulas, and islands.

13. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Located inside the park is the world’s most extensive Permian fossil reef which also includes the four tallest points in the state.

12. Congaree National Park

Hosting forested wetlands, swampy-style lakes, and some of the tallest deciduous trees in the world, Congaree is a spectacular natural beauty.

11. Virgin Islands National Park

This national park’s rural location along with its small and intimate feel may be the reason it’s on this list of least visited national parks.

10. Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park is located in eastern Nevada close to the Utah border and is home to 77,000 acres of luscious landscapes.

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