15 Tasty Jordanian Food Experiences You Cannot Miss During Your Visit

There is so much delectable Jordanian food in Jordan that you will never go hungry when you visit.

Having been to Jordan twice for a total of 4 weeks, we’ve had the privilege of experiencing many of the best dishes, drinks, snacks, and mezzes that this country has to offer.

We formed bonds with the local people we met and had the opportunity to experience their country through their food.


Drinking tea is a deeply rooted tradition across the country and there wasn’t a place that we visited where it wasn’t offered.

Say Yes to a Cup of Jordanian Tea

After you’ve tried some tea, we’d recommend ordering a fresh juice to go with your meal. The first one we tried was the famed Limonana, a tart lemon juice drink.

Indulge in Fresh Juices

Every place you go in Jordan will have its own take on the delightful Middle Eastern staple of Hummus. It is downright delicious and shouldn’t be missed.

Eat All the Hummus

Sample the Jordanian Mouttabal

Mouttabal is a staple in Jordanian cuisine that is served as mezze – think Spanish tapas – with most meals. It closely resembles its Middle Eastern cousin, baba ghanoush.

This sweet, yet a bit savory treat is made by combining a crunchy filo wheat dough with a creamy cheese that is covered with a sweet syrup that tastes like honey.

Hit Your Sweet Tooth with Kunafa

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