17 Unmissable Things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Once a sleepy seaside town, Dubrovnik recently emerged as Croatia’s top tourist attraction.

Not only is it beautiful, but there are endless things to do in Dubrovnik during a visit.


Its beauty was showcased to the world when it was chosen to portray the mythical city of Kings Landing in HBO’s immensely popular TV series, Game of Thrones.

The Dubrovnik Old Town is completely surrounded by these massive stone barriers, with their corner fortresses.

1. The Old City Walls

2. The Old Town

They seem to go on forever and it’s fun to get a little bit lost in them. You’ll eventually find your way back to the main street (Stradun).

3. The Rector Palace

Built-in the late fifteenth century for the rector who governed Dubrovnik, the palace is an outstanding example of Gothic-Rennaisance architecture.

4. The War Photo Limited

This museum is located just off Stradun and is home to a collection of exhibits by world-renowned photojournalists.

After a long day spent wandering around the old town, there’s no better place to sit and enjoy a cold drink than the Buza Bar.

5. Drinks at Buza Bar

As soon as the sun sets, the old town’s well-polished streets are beautifully lit up, and as you walk them, you’ll feel like you’re suddenly part of an old movie.

6. Explore the Old Town by Night

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