24 Amazing Malaysia Attractions You Cannot Miss

Malaysia is often overlooked by travelers heading to the beaches of Thailand or the historical sites of Cambodia or the latest travel hot spot of Myanmar. 

But take a second look and you’ll realize there are some awesome things to do in Malaysia, too.

If you’re looking for attractions beyond the usual tourist traps, read on for a list that could easily fill a one or two-week Malaysia itinerary.


Watch the bat exodus at Gunung Mulu National Park Mulu National Park offers a great diversity of geology, climate, and vegetation which gives rise to a large variety of habitats and species.

Climb Mt Kinabalu Located in Sabah on the island of Borneo. It’s Malaysia’s highest mountain, reaching 4,096 meters. It’s a big challenge and needs at least two full days to complete.

Eat a smorgasbord of cultures Known as the food paradise of Asia, these cities are a melting pot of cultures. Here, you’ll find culinary influences from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many more.

Snorkel in the Perhentian Islands The main draw to the islands is undoubtedly the snorkeling, and Teluk Pauh Beach likely has the most diverse and abundant marine life in the region.

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