33 Interesting Facts About Cuba

Cuba is one of the most interesting countries in the world with decades of history, turmoil, change, and perseverance. The US Embargo alone is enough to pique the interest of even the most laid back traveler.

We recently traveled to Cuba under the new General License relaxation and couldn’t help but accrue some interesting facts about Cuba.


Cuba is the 17th largest island in the World by land area and holds a population of 11.3 million people. 2. Cuba has a literacy rate of 99.8%.


Che Guevara, a revolutionary accomplice to Fidel Castro, can trace his Celtic background back to Patrick Lynch who was born in Galway, Ireland in 1715. He immigrated to Buenos Aires via Bilbao in 1749.


 In the 1880s there were over 100,000 Chinese people living in Cuba, mainly as cheap labor on the sugar plantations around the Havana region.



In 1886, after 350 years, Cuba becomes the second to last country in the Americas to abolish slavery.

From 1991-1994, with a few years to follow, Cuba underwent a ‘Special Period’ in which the citizens of the country were put on a ration system and everyday conveniences disappeared overnight.


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