6 Easy & Beautiful Valley of Fire Hikes

Valley of Fire – the first state park in Nevada – is a haven of ethereal, dramatic, and rugged desert beauty.

Known for its exquisite red sandstone landscapes, this 42,000-acre park lures visitors with its petroglyphs, canyons, and colorful, unique rock formations.


As you hike this trail, you’ll be surrounded by jaw-dropping mounds and vibrant rock hills.

Fire Wave Trail

White Domes Trail

While it’s a short and easy hike, this trail offers a range of striking dramatic scenery in one nature trip.

Rainbow Vista and Fire Canyon Overlook Hike

Extraordinary, fiery, and vibrant, this trail gives you big-time, majestic views from the get-go.

Mouse’s Tank Hike

Don’t let its short length deceive you! At 0.75 miles long, it’s quite short, compared to the other Valley of Fire hikes, but it’s remarkably entertaining.

Petrified Logs Trail

As you follow this trail, you’ll see numerous petrified logs which are tree fossils that have been transformed into stones.

Elephant Rock Trail

The hike starts from the parking area near the east entrance. Afterward, it follows a pathway that’s parallel to the road.

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