6 Of The Best Hikes & Treks in Spain To Experience

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just someone who wants a great excuse to go to a foreign country and return home in better shape than when you left, Spain is an amazing place to go for a hike.

The landscape is remarkably diverse; the food — which you will be famished for — is delicious; and the country boasts 14 national parks, all of which could, by themselves, inspire a visit.


Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll see a rocky peak called Anguja Sur de Ansabere to the northeast; in the background, you’ll spy the French Pyrenees, and along the return route.

Pico Sobarcal

At almost ten miles, you and your companions will see amazing views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and you’ll end up in the center of Granada, a great city to spend the night in.

Beas de Granada


The hike starts in Monachil and follows the river through the gorge. Upon return, you get to loop back by a higher elevation, which gives you a remarkable view of the valley.


A wonderful place to hike, Tenerife’s landscape includes dramatic changes in a small space. The coastline, volcanic mountains, and forests can all be enjoyed on the same hike.

Camino de Santiago

A popular pilgrimage for Christians during Medieval times, the routes today are walked and biked by pilgrims, outdoor enthusiasts, historians, and more.

One of the best views of the Pyrenees. At almost 10,000 feet, the trip up isn’t overly difficult, so long as you can handle the altitude and its effects on your body and breathing.


As you hike, impressive alpine meadows give way to a pine forest, which comes out once again into the meadows and some stunning mountain lakes. While the path is marked initially.

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