6 Of The Best Hikes & Treks in Spain To Experience

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just someone who wants a great excuse to go to a foreign country and return home in better shape than when you left, Spain is an amazing place to go for a hike.

Here are six of the best hikes in Spain, for everyone from the professional hiking traveler to the newbie who’s just laced up her first pair of hiking boots.


A varied hike that sits close to the Navarre and France borders, Pico Sobarcal is a summit with exquisite views. Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll see a rocky peak called Anguja Sur de Ansabere to the northeast.

Pico Sobarcal

At almost ten miles, you and your companions will see amazing full-length views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and you’ll end up in the center of Granada, which is a great city to spend the night in.

Beas de Granada

The hike starts in Monachil and follows the river through the gorge. Upon return, you get to loop back by a higher elevation, which gives you a remarkable view of the valley.


A wonderful place to hike, Tenerife’s landscape includes dramatic changes in a small space. The coastline, volcanic mountains, and forests can all be enjoyed on the same hike.


Known as The Way of St. James, Camino de Santiago is a series of routes across Europe that have been in use for a thousand years or more. A popular pilgrimage for Christians during Medieval times.

Camino de Santiago

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