9 Epic Reasons to Visit Ilulissat, Greenland

Ilulissat is one of Greenland’s most picturesque towns. It’s a place surrounded by snow-capped mountains, fields of snow, glaciers and vast ice fjords.

It’s a beautiful, remote and icy place to visit, and to help you to plan your trip, here’s our guide to Ilulissat, including our top tips on the best things to do in Ilulissat.


Visiting the Ice Fjord is, one of the best things to do. Boat and sailing trips regularly head out to navigate the mass of ice, while those that enjoy the cold can explore by kayak.

The Ilulissat Ice Fjord

Take a Hike

Greenland is a coveted hiking destination and exploring by foot can lead you on countless adventures from Ilulissat.

An old Inuit settlement that is found just a kilometer or so from the modern town of Ilulissat. It also offers an incomparable vantage point of the massive ice at the entrance.

Check Out Sermermiut

Arctic Kayaking

It gives you a chance to get on the water level and up close and personal to the massive icebergs near Ilulissat.

Many whales make their way above the Arctic Circle to feed and they love the icy waters that surround Ilulissat.

Icy Whale Watching

This gives you a chance to observe the dogs and if you’re lucky some puppies will come over for a visit. You can also book tours that will allow you to meet a musher and his team of dogs.

Learn About the Sled Dogs

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