An Epic Things to Do in Winnipeg, Manitoba Guide

The city of Winnipeg offers a beautiful dance of culture, history, wildlife, and nature. Often on display in world-class museums.

So we invite you to dig into this city and experience it the way we did on our first visit.

First things first, if you plan to visit any of Winnipeg’s fantastic museums then we highly recommend that you invest in the Winnipeg Attractions Pass.

1. Buy the Winnipeg Tourist Attractions Pass

Today, The Forks offers a marketplace with dining and shopping options, still bringing people together. It’s a total vibe and we loved the energy!

2. Explore & Eat at The Forks

3. Deep Dive at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

If you have time for only one museum during your trip to Winnipeg, this one should be it. The entire experience was a profound journey.

The Manitoba Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the province’s rich natural and human history.

4. Learn at the Manitoba Museum

5. Discover the Prairies & Lakes at FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive is an urban nature oasis situated on the outskirts of downtown Winnipeg.

Even better, several of the breweries are in the same area, making it the perfect opportunity for a self-guided brewery tour. Which we did, and thoroughly enjoyed.

6. Take A Self-Guided Brewery Tour

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