Tips for Hiking the Avalanche Lake Trail in GNP

One of the best hikes you can take in Glacier National Park to immerse yourself in the wilderness of Montana is the Avalanche Lake Trail.

With its bubbling streams, forests teeming with wildlife, and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, this is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Montana is known for being cold, so make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and a jacket just in case it starts getting chilly.

What To Bring on Your Hike

Here, travelers can either pitch their tent or park their RV to truly immerse themselves in the beauty of the park overnight.

Start at the Avalanche Creek Picnic Grounds

Amble along the Trail of Cedars

The Trail of Cedars is a boardwalk loop that takes visitors through 100ft tall trees with a history stretching back nearly 500 years.

Enjoy the Avalanche Creek

It’s the best place to enjoy the creek before you enter the gorge and begin heading up to the lake through the cedar forest.

Stop to Admire the Avalanche Creek Gorge

Take your time to peek over the ledge and admire the colors of moss, trees and glacial water that squeezes between the rocks.

The breathtaking centuries-old trees don’t stop at the Trail of Cedars. Your entire hike taking you to Avalanche Lake will continue to showcase all the beauty of the woods.

Follow the Well Beaten Trail

You’ll be blown away as the woods give way to reveal the jaw-dropping views of Avalanche Lake and the mountains standing proudly at its borders.

Reaching Avalanche Lake

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