10 Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

While you can easily spend a week in Amsterdam exploring all the city has to offer, there is also plenty to see outside the city. We want to outline the best day trips from Amsterdam for your consideration.

Amsterdam is famous for canals, beer, marijuana, being flat, cycling, coffee, its red-light district, pancakes… the list goes on.


Life gradually shifts to pastoral scenes like colorful houseboats, people fishing, and farmland, and makes for an idyllic few hours’ outing from the capital.

Cycle the Countryside

A model city with 1:25 scale replicas of Dutch landmarks, towns, and cities. For fans of history and miniature, Madurodam is worth at least a few hours.


The Hague

Actually the third most populous city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and although it isn’t the capital, it is the country’s political center.


The exquisite decorations of Delft pottery were inspired by the blue and white porcelain of China, who traded significantly with the Netherlands in the early 17th century.


A village in the northeastern part of the country famous for its crisscrossing waterways, canals, and bridges.


A great way to see swathes of the Netherlands’ famous tulips. It’s one of the biggest flower gardens in the world and is home to rainbows of tulips set in different styles of sculpted gardens

Naturally, there’s a lot of cheese-related things to do in Edam, including witnessing a traditional cheese weighing, and learning how the eponymous cheese is actually made.


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