Best Hikes in the USA: 15 Stunning Trails You Cannot Miss

The USA is a hiking mecca because this vast country is brimming with national parks and wilderness that just begs to be explored. 

To inspire your next adventure, here are the best hikes in the USA.

The Appalachian Trail is legendary amongst hardcore hikers because this huge long-distance route takes you for 2200 miles through some of the most isolated, yet beautiful mountains on the east coast.

Appalachian Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is another epic, long-distance hike that’s become famous on the west coast of the USA. It’s one of the best hikes in the USA but it’s also one of the longest and one of the toughest.

Pacific Crest Trail

Lesser known than both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail is the equally epic Continental Divide Trail.

Continental Divide Trail

Tonto Trail

This 70-mile hiking trail takes you along the southern edge of the Grand Canyon, and you’ll be able to witness some of Arizona’s most jaw-dropping scenery along the way.

Some of the best hikes in the USA can be found in Hawaii, which offers a huge range of opportunities, from tramping through jungles to scaling volcanoes.

Kalalau Trail

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