10 Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a vast state, and there are endless opportunities to explore. There are sprawling cities, rural villages and beautiful national parks to visit.

It can be a challenge deciding just where exactly you might want to travel to if you are limited for time, so to help you out, here are our favorite places to visit in Rajasthan.


The key to having a good time in Delhi is to make sure you stay in a good part of the city and hire a local guide with transport to maximize your time in the city.


Visit the Amber Fort and Palace, marvel at the royal opulence that the city was built upon and gaze at stunning royal retreats built on islands on the lake.


Agra & Taj Mahal

Connected by a highway to the rest of the Golden Triangle, Agra is easily accessible and very popular among both tourists and travelers.


Close to the city, you can find an intriguing Desert Rock Park, where you can get a taste for the Rajasthani desert without having to travel too far.


The city is surrounded by an intricate lake system, providing water and also providing spectacular vistas. Cruise across the shimmering lakes, visiting floating palaces and lakeside temples.


This is the site of ancient royal palaces and historic temples. Being in the desert, Jaisalmer also makes a great jumping-off point to explore the endless scenery.

One of the most famous destinations in northern India and one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan, but for much of the year, it’s a surprisingly quiet destination.


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