Is Spring the Best Time to Cruise Alaska?

People are inclined to chase the best time for whatever they choose to do. This includes cruising, as nobody wants to cruise through a hurricane in the Caribbean or a snowstorm in Alaska.

Plenty of people think a visit to Alaska is only possible in the summer, but we think the best time to cruise Alaska is hands down the Spring.

We took our first ever visit to Alaska in early May and had the most unbelievable weather with 5 days of sunshine in Juneau before we boarded the Safari Endeavor.

More Dry Days

The amount of people traveling during this time is staggering, and you’ll find it incredibly hard to get a feel for the true Alaska when in port.

Less Crowded Ports

Nature is Coming to Life

The grass is starting to take on vibrant shades of green, the trees are growing new leaves, flowers are starting to peak up from the ground, and the last of the snow has melted from the ground.

Bears are venturing away from their dens and heading to the shorelines to scavenge the inner tidal zone. This means you’re going to see more bears up close.

Fantastic Wildlife Viewing

Snow-capped Mountains

Despite the absence of snow on the ground, every mountain in your view will still have snow-caps. Hands down, this is the best thing about spring in Alaska.

Not only is spring the best time to cruise Alaska, but you’ll be treated to discounted airfare with fewer connections and cost savings on your cruise bookings.

Save on Airfare and Cruise Costs

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