Best Time to Visit Alaska: Month by Month Breakdown (2023)

This month by month breakdown will help you figure out the best time to travel to Alaska, depending on what you’d like to do and see.

We spent 5 weeks exploring Alaska and can attest that is the last real wilderness left in the United States.

January is a cold, cold time to be in Alaska. But it’s also a unique time of the year to explore the state, as you’ll experience the region in the throes of winter.

January in Alaska

In February, it’s just as cold and just as dark as in January, perhaps even colder depending on the weather patterns.

February in Alaska

March in Alaska

It’s still winter, but in March the temperatures are rising incrementally, and the darkest days are now over.

April in Alaska

This is the short Alaskan springtime and it’s the best time to visit Alaska before the summer crowds arrive.

May in Alaska

This festival features numerous shows of music, dance, and theater. Even better, this festival gives you the chance to enjoy the ancient Greek Epidaurus amphitheater.

Those summer crowds really make their first appearance in June, because this is the start of the high season.

June in Alaska

If you’re looking to explore the national parks and to go hiking then this is the best time to visit Alaska.

July in Alaska

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