Best Time to  Visit Banff

Banff experiences a long winter, and a relatively short summer period, with short interludes of spring and autumn when the weather transitions from cold to warm and then back to cold again. 

Deciding which activities you are interested in pursuing in the National park, will help you to work out just when exactly is the best time to visit Banff.

You can hit the slopes, go ice climbing or snowshoeing and enjoy white landscapes tinged with a golden glow from the sunshine.

Banff in March 

This is the end of the best skiing, as the snow does begin to melt, but many runs will still be open and the slopes won’t be so busy.

Banff in April 

Banff in May 

Hiking trails are starting to open up and the glacial lakes are starting to unfreeze too because temperatures are rising as summer approaches.

Banff in June

Perfect if you want a quieter atmosphere in Banff, but be aware that the weather can be unpredictable and there are fewer activities available.

Banff in July

This is when the weather is glorious, as this is the start of the short summer season. You can go camping, hiking trails will be open, and wildlife will be out and about enjoying the sunshine too.

It’s peak season, so expect lots of tourists at the traditional sites and in Banff town, as well as lots of people road tripping the Icefields Highway.

Banff in August 

The hiking is great in September, as the weather is perfect – not too hot, not too cold – and all the trails will be open for business.

Banff in September

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