Best Time to  Visit Canada

Canada is a popular country to visit any time of the year, but it can be a very different travel experience depending on the season that you choose to visit.

The best time to visit Canada will depend on what activities you’re looking to enjoy, and how many other tourists you don’t mind sharing that experience with.

It's a slow month when it comes to travel, but that does mean you can take full advantage of low prices and small crowds. This is the start of spring.

March in Canada

This is the last month of the ski season, so head to Whistler or the Rockies for more snowsport action before summer arrives and the snow melts.

April in Canada

May in Canada

The weather will finally begin to turn for the better, and this can be a fantastic time to explore the country. If you love national parks, many of the hiking trails are beginning to open.

June in Canada

The start of the summer high season, and this is when Canada starts to get busy as tourists begin to flock in for road trips and to explore the national parks.

July in Canada

A great time for city hopping, like Montreal, Calgary and Toronto all throw big summer festivals through July to make the most of the sunshine.

August will be just as busy as July across the country. The sun is still shining, and this is the last month of the year where you can guarantee good weather before autumn arrives.

August in Canada

Fall comes around all too quickly in Canada, but September will still see good weather across the country. Just be prepared for a bit of unpredictability.

September in Canada

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