Best Time to Visit Ireland

Ireland is well known for its cold and rainy weather, but don’t let that put you off visiting the Emerald Isle because this is truly a beautiful country to explore.

There’s a lot to do across the country, so to help you decide when the best time to visit Ireland is, here’s our month-by-month guide.

The countryside is beautiful in May and the weather is perfect for multi-day walks such as the Kerry Way, which will take you to some of Ireland’s best scenery.

May in Ireland

It’s peak season in June. Things are busy because the weather is usually quite glorious—or at least, it only rains once or twice in the month!

June in Ireland

July in Ireland

This is the time to head further afield. Rent a car and drive to lesser-known spots along the Atlantic Ocean, or tackle the longer, multi-day hikes where you’ll find some solitude.

The weather is still good but not quite as good as June and July, as things are getting slightly cooler and there will be more rainy days, especially towards the end of August.

August in Ireland

September in Ireland

It’s a good time for hiking as the temperatures are cooling down, while you might even be able to squeeze in the odd beach day if you’re lucky.

October is autumn and it’s the best time to visit Ireland to enjoy the wonderful autumnal landscapes that are found across the country.

October in Ireland

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