16 Best Travel Jackets (How to Choose the Best One for Your Trip!)

If you are a traveler, you know the importance of adding the best travel jacket to your packing list. They keep you warm and comfortable in chilly airports, train stations, and bus depots.

They are also a great line of defense against rain while you are on the streets or hiking the trails. Here is some key information to review when choosing between the best travel jackets.


This is a soft, lightweight material that retains its smooth texture even after being repeatedly stuffed into a bag.

Wrinkle Resistance

Best for summer

Nylon and polyester fabrics are great for these conditions. They have a great ability to wick away moisture and dry out quickly.


Zip-out Liners

This is an added piece of fabric made from things like fleece that can be zipped in when the temperature drops or taken out when the sun starts warming up.

Best for Fall and Spring

These hoods can either be zipped into their own pockets at the collar. These offer great protection if caught in a surprise rainstorm or heavy winds.

Stowable Hoods

Down Jacket

Down is still the front-runner when it comes to outdoor gear such as vests, jackets, and sleeping bags. This is due to its superior ability to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures.

Best for winter

Synthetic down is more resistant to abrasion and will retain its ability to keep you warm even in heavy downpours. It is also hypoallergenic, making it great for all travelers.

Synthetic Fill Jacket

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