15 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Unbeknownst to many who travel the USA, the upper midwest is home to some spectacular natural attractions and the waterfalls in Wisconsin are no exception to this.

There are so many waterways to explore: some of the state’s best hikes and outdoor adventures lead to the best Wisconsin waterfalls.

To inspire your next adventure, here’s our rundown of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin along with our tips for visiting them. We are Wisconsinites, after all.


Here is the List of 15 Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

1. Big Manitou Falls The biggest and arguably one of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin is the impressively tall Big Manitou Falls.

2. Little Manitou Falls Just over a mile down the road from Big Manitou Falls, you can find the smaller cousin of Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall, Little Manitou Falls.

3. Amnicon Falls In the same area of Northern Wisconsin, you can also find Amnicon Falls, the namesake of the wider Amnicon Falls State Park.

4. Wilke Glen and Cascade Falls Right on the edge of the small town of Osceola, you can find the beautiful Wilke Glen and Cascade Falls.

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