Best Time to Visit Key West

Key West is a gorgeous, laid-back, and extraordinary seaside haven where the adventure never ends. 

With its spectacular sunset celebrations, crystal turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine, there’s actually not a bad time to visit the southernmost city in the continental US.

If, however, you’re searching for a specific kind of vacation, like water sports, festivals, or fishing, this travel guide will help you pick the best time to visit Key West.

The winter season runs from December to February and is, no doubt, the peak tourist season and the most popular time to visit Key West. We can’t blame vacationers for flocking to Key West in winter.

Winter in Key West

Since the city is packed with tourists during this month, we recommend booking your accommodation and flights in advance before they’re all gone.

December in Key West

Although the city never gets chilly, January is by far the coldest time of the year in Key West. It’s also the time of the year when people living in colder climates head to the Florida Keys to enjoy South Florida’s warmth.

January in Key West

February in Key West

February wraps up the busy peak season in Key West. Prices for hotel rooms and flights are still a little steep, but crowds tend to be thinner compared to December and January.

The spring season in Key West runs from March to May and it is truly the best time to visit Key West, especially if you’re traveling on a budget.

Spring in Key West

March is such a wondrous time to visit Key West. It’s the end of the city’s peak season, so prices for flights and hotels are a whole lot cheaper.

March in Key West

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