10 Best Things  To Do in Big Bay State Park, Wisconsin

Known for its scenic camping spots, excellent hiking trails, and outstanding natural beauty, this state park is easily one of the best outdoor areas to visit when exploring the Apostle Islands.

Home to incredible coastal views, dramatic cliffs, and a fantastic area of outdoor activities, the area is just begging to be explored. Here’s our guide to visiting Big Bay State Park!


The hiking trails become ski routes, and you can navigate your way through woodland and snow-covered scenery.

Visit in Winter for Cross Country Skiing

Bring your own snowshoes or hire some when you reach Bayfield or the island itself. You can then leisurely stroll across the marked hiking trails, with snowdrifts underfoot.

Hit the Winter Trails with Snowshoes

Camping in Big Bay State Park

We found the campsites to be very quiet and comfortable. The park has made good efforts to design it so you’re not staring at your neighbor, too.

Walk the Barrier Beach Boardwalk

Take a trip to the Lake Havasu Museum of History to learn more about the area’s intriguing past.

Try Kayaking and Canoeing

It is also very popular to rent a canoe and paddle the waters of the lagoon. This is an iconic way to experience the Northwoods and just how wild this part of the states can be.

With plenty of hiking trails available, you could easily walk there and back in a day from the camping grounds at Big Bay State Park, enjoying the scenery as you go.

Explore the Madeline Island Wilderness Preserve

One of the biggest highlights not to miss are the sea caves at Meyers Beach. In winter, these beautiful caves are totally iced over.

Explore the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

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