15 Cities in Ireland That Are Worth Visiting

The Republic of Ireland is one of the most charming countries you can visit in Europe because you can find some of the best cities and towns on the continent on the Emerald Isle.

Cities in Ireland are known for their history and culture, and you’ll find yourself welcomed in eagerly across the nation, whether you are in the bustling capital or the most rural of destinations.


The capital and the largest of all the cities in Ireland, and is the historic and cultural center of the country, it’s an unmissable destination.


Has something for everyone, and it’s a city that’s teeming with vibrant culture, intriguing history and importantly, one of the best food scenes in the country.



Visit the local museums and cathedrals, and explore the local markets and art galleries to get a feel for what visiting Limerick is all about.


One of the best cities in Ireland to visit on the west coast, as the charming destination overlooks the Wild Atlantic Way and is close to some of the country’s most famous natural attractions.


Has some great Viking museums, but the city is best known for its crystal making industry, which you can learn more about at the House of Waterford Crystal.


The first Viking raiders who began to settle along the coast in the 9th century AD, and the city is a real treasure trove of historic buildings, old town walls, and crumbling fortifications.

You can visit charming distilleries and ancient, Celtic sites, before exploring the dramatic coastline or visiting the local aquarium.


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