How to Plan an Epic Columbia Icefield Tour in the Canada Rockies

Found within both Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, this is a dramatic and otherworldly place, that’s beautiful all through the year.

A dramatic and otherworldly place, that’s beautiful all through the year.

It’s an adventure not to be missed, so to inspire your next journey, here’s our guide to visiting the Columbia Icefield.

You can even take the iconic Rocky Mountaineer Train through the region, stopping off in Banff and exploring the icefield.

How to Get to the Columbia Icefield

Visit the Discovery Center

This excellent interpretation center is packed full of history and information about the glaciers.

Brave the Skywalk

This impressive structure leads visitors high above the valley, to a viewing area that hangs 280 meters above the ground.

Take the Athabasca Glacier Truck Tour

It’s a bumpy, adventurous ride that will take you into the middle of the glacier, while you learn all about the geological history of the Columbia Icefield.

Go on a Guided Ice Walk

The Ice Walks are led by experienced, local guides who know the terrain, who know where all those hidden crevasses are and who know the geological history in detail.

Do Some Hiking

The surrounding mountains offer beautiful viewpoints over the ice fields, but be aware that these can be tough hikes.

Enjoy the Winter Skiing

The Rocky Mountains are a hugely popular skiing area, and in winter, the towns of Banff and Jasper are hubs for snowsports.

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