Essential Packing List for Florida

Florida is a great vacation destination, but figuring out a Florida packing list can be a challenge sometimes.

Whether you are a theme park goer, a beach lounger, a space enthusiast, or an outdoorsman, there is something in Florida to delight every type of traveler.

Whether you will be spending time at the beach or at a theme park, you will have the opportunity to spend time in the water.


Whether you are spending days running around the city, theme parks, NASA, the Everglades, or the beach, you will want to have comfortable, lightweight clothing on.

Lightweight Casual Clothes

Nice Outfits

It doesn’t need to be super fancy but just a little nicer than your daily beach or sightseeing apparel.


Florida is notoriously known for having rainy weather for short periods of time almost every day. To beat these brief downpours, it is best to pack a raincoat for your trip.

Sun Hat

Great for protecting areas we commonly forget to apply sunscreen to such as the back of our necks and our ears. Thus making them a must on your packing list for Florida.

To help protect against the sun, make sure to pack a good waterproof SPF 50+ sunscreen.


One of the great joys of being outside on vacation is basking in the warm glow of the sun.

If you see yourself at theme parks or beaches where there are no towels provided, it may be a good idea to pack one.

Travel Towel

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