Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska: Ultimate Planning Guide

In southeast Alaska, you will find one of the most remote and stunning places in the United States, Glacier Bay National Park.

With a vast variety of wildlife, towering mountains, glaciers, and enchanting forested islands, there are many adventures of a lifetime awaiting you in this beautiful and untouched part of the world.

Experience Glacier Bay By Boat

No matter what size boat you are on you will be able to hear the sound of whales blowing as you enjoy the magnificent water and mountain landscape.

Experience Glacier Bay By Hiking

There is a wide variety of hiking options that allow you to explore the shores and rain forest.

Kayaking in Glacier Bay National Park

Enjoy nothing but nature, with just the sounds of the cool Alaskan water hitting the edge of the kayak and your paddle hitting the water.

River Rafting

This is one of the best-kept secrets of Glacier Bay National Park and you’ll find very few people out on the river with you.

Observing Glaciers

A visit to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve would not be complete without stepping foot on one of the 11 glaciers.


So jump into one of the many available airplanes or helicopters that will give you a birds-eye view of Glacier Bay.

Bird Watching

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is home to 281 different bird species. Its abundant bird-life is due to low numbers of land predators and ample food resources.

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