Is Achill Island Ireland’s Best Kept Secret?

Achill Island is Ireland’s largest island and is one of those places where the sheep outnumber the people, which makes it a true gem in our eyes.

Not to mention, the island offers clean stretches of sandy beaches, including one that often makes the list of top European beaches.

The culture and landscape provide a great escape for lovers of food, history, and hiking.

From Dublin, the drive to Achill Island takes about 4 hours and is reachable via the M6 and N5.

How To Get There

What To Expect From Visiting Achill Island?

Experience a magical place on Achill Island, with cascading auburn hills, beautiful beaches, placid waters, and magnificent mountains.

If tourists don’t want to rent a car and drive around themselves, then taxis and car services can be hired on a daily basis to drive you around wherever you want to go.

How To Get Around on Achill Island

Tips to Make Your Visit to Achill Island Smoother

Make sure you’re always prepared with layered clothing, an umbrella or raincoat, a pair of firm comfortable sneakers with adequate ankle support, and lots of water.

The tower served as a strategic spot, guarding the waters of Achill Sound that link to Clew Bay.

Kildavnet Castle

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