Is Egypt Safe to Visit in 2024?

Is Egypt safe? This is a good question and one we receive a lot when talking about our travels.

With so much to offer a traveler, I can’t imagine why so many people are holding back from visiting Egypt.

Based on our multiple travels in Egypt, the short answer is yes. Egypt continues to be desperate for tourist dollars and has changed the tune in which they address Westerners.

Is Egypt Safe for Westerners?

The general scene involved older men sitting around a storefront, smoking shisha pipes, eating Falafel, and shouting ‘Welcome to Alaska’ at the passing tourists.

What are the Local People Like in Egypt?

One thing to note is that random people will come to talk to you on the streets. I think most of the time it is out of blatant curiosity.

Will I Be Harassed While Traveling in Egypt?

To be on the safe side, I am going to say yes, unfortunately. However, I will follow that up with the fact that we have dealt with little to none of it during our three visits to Egypt.

Egypt is a very conservative, Muslim country. Most of the things you hear about come down to the way people present themselves and dress when they visit.

Tips for Dressing Appropriately in Egypt

Egypt is safe to visit. However, I won’t deny that it does have some high-risk areas, primarily the Sinai, and there is a small, very small chance that you might get wrapped up in something unfortunate.

Is Egypt Safe Amid all the stereotypes of the Middle East?

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