Must-Have Jordanian Food Experiences

Having been to Jordan twice for a total of 4 weeks, we’ve had the privilege of experiencing many of the best dishes, drinks, snacks, and mezzes that this country has to offer.

We figured it was time for us to share some of our favorites! Including some special experiences that elevate the cultural food experience.

The best part is that we were able to experience all of this, and more, by joining a group tour. Yes, group tour travel doesn’t mean you can’t get local.

Say Yes to a Cup of Jordanian Tea Can you say you’ve been to Jordan if you don’t drink tea while you’re there? Ask any Jordanian and they’ll tell you no. With a smile on their face, of course.

Drinking tea is a deeply rooted tradition across the country and there wasn’t a place that we visited where it wasn’t offered.

Indulge in Fresh Juices After you’ve tried some tea, we’d recommend ordering a fresh juice to go with your meal. The first one we tried was the famed Limonana.

Limonana is a tart lemon juice drink that has earned the title of the national drink of Jordan.

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