People Go Snorkeling in Antarctica?

You CAN go snorkeling in Antarctica! I know what you’re thinking. We’re crazy.

Antarctica is the coldest place on the planet and the last thing that comes to mind is getting in the water during a visit.

Truth be told, from the moment we learned about it, we wanted to do it. It is the ultimate bucket list experience!

Snorkeling in Antarctica presents a unique challenge due to its frigid waters, which often range from -1.9°C to 5°C (28.6°F to 41°F).

How Cold is the Water in Antarctica, Really?

How to Book a Snorkel Trip in Antarctica

The Snorkeling Program was offered as an optional activity with Aurora Expeditions during our 21-Day Antarctica & South Georgia Expedition.

A dry suit is essential to prevent hypothermia. It seals out the icy water while keeping you dry.

Snorkel Gear for Cold Water – What We Wore

What is There to See Underwater in Antarctica?

We encountered curious Antarctic Fur seals, agile penguins, and intricate underwater plant life.

Our experience with Aurora Expeditions was that if a Leopard seal was spotted during any scouts or zodiac cruises, we were unable to snorkel in that location.

The Leopard Seal Law

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