25 Essential Safety Tips for Travel

We hate scaremongering when it comes to travel because we know that with a little common sense, traveling the world doesn’t have to be dangerous.

Sharing our safety tips for travel with you will go a long way to ensuring you enjoy your next trip.


We make a habit out of reading news for the destinations we are visiting a few days before we leave and then every morning at breakfast while in the destination.

1. Keep up to Date on Local News

As well as keeping up to date on local news, one of our best travel tips is to also keep up to date on the weather.

2. Watch the weather

3. Check Government Websites

Many governments and embassies keep up to date profiles on countries around the world, and provide detailed rundowns on practical information.

Travelers on a budget often overlook this as an unnecessary expense, but when it comes to keeping safe on the road, nothing beats a good insurance policy.

4. Buy Travel Insurance

5. Leave a Copy of Your Travel Plans with Family

At the very least, your emergency contact should have copies of this information before you leave home.

Let someone know how things are going and if your plans are going according to the way they are booked. Also, notify them if there are any changes.

6. Check-in Regularly at Home

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