How to Save Money for Travel: A Step by Step Plan

It’s no secret that travel costs money, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It’s easier and cheaper than ever before to travel long term.

If travel really is something you want though, then saving for it becomes much, much easier!

Sit yourself down, decide where it is that you want to go and make a plan detailing how long you want to be away.

Make a Plan

Break everything down from flights and visas to rough allowances for hotels, hostels, tours, food and even drinks.

Make a Budget

Work Out Your Income and Expenditures

As part of the saving process, you might factor in your salary and big expenditures such as student loans or your rent, but you need to be much more detailed to get on the road faster.

Make sure you can actually hit your savings target by that date and best of all, give yourself a reason to save.

Set a Deadline

Evaluate Your Outgoings and Lifestyle

To help you to save money for your travel plans, it’s a good idea to evaluate your expenditures and lifestyle.

Saving money for travel is all about rearranging your priorities. Do you want to take that dream trip or watch NetFlix after work?


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