Ultimate Baja Mexico Cruise: The Sea of Cortez with UnCruise

UnCruise Adventures is the company that was made for people that don’t enjoy standard cruising. Their itineraries are built around nature and you’ll find standard port calls to be on the elusive side with them.

Their itinerary is designed to immerse you in the destination, exploring and learning about the area. We got up close with the wildlife, islands, and coastlines in a way other companies can deliver.


This is on purpose and all part of the adventure. Every expedition is dictated by weather and wildlife, meaning it is impossible to guarantee a certain set of stops.

Our Sea of Cortez Cruise Stops

This was an island that wasn’t on our radar and according to the crew, a place that is rarely visited because of the way the wind acts around this island.

Isla Monserrat

Loreto National Marine Reserve

A place that several species of whale call home during the winter months in the Northern hemisphere.

Bird Watching in Agua Verde

Agua Verde is a sleepy little fishing village that opens its bay to UnCruise during the winter months. Setting anchor in the bay, we were offered a variety of activities throughout the day.

Skiff Tour Around Bahia Agua Verde

It was here that we would enjoy spotting several blue footed boobies! Admittedly, February is a bit early for spotting boobies, but we got lucky. We also saw a couple of brown boobies too.

This would be a one-hour burro ride around the area to check out the diversity in the land and take in some spectacular views from above.

Burro Ride with the Romero Family

The panoramic view really gave us a sense of how beautiful the desert can be when it has been given rain.

Puerto Los Gatos

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