Ultimate Guide to the Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

This is one of the most legendary places in Sri Lanka, and the fortress dates back centuries. Over the years, it has had many uses and has fulfilled many rules for local kings, rulers, and religious leaders.

As well as ruins that are thousands of years old, you can find exceptionally preserved rock art and frescoes, as well as extensive gardens that were landscaped over time and that surround the giant rock itself.


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is located in the central province of the country, in a historically important region that comprises many ancient sites.

Where is Lion Rock in Sri Lanka?

Sigiriya can be visited all year round as long you don’t mind risking heavy rainfall during the wettest parts of the year.

Best Time to Visit Sigiriya

The Ancient City of Sigiriya

The rock is almost 200 meters high and geologically is a plug leftover from the remains of a long-extinct volcano.

Visiting the Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

When you enter the compound, you will realize that this is more than just a fortress. Sigiriya was an entire city, planned and designed to perfection by the early architects who built it.

Hike to the Summit of Lions Rock

The path is steep in places, so take it slow and enjoy the incredible views on your way up. You can enjoy the many cave frescoes painted onto the rock walls itself.

This rock also offers incredible views over the surrounding area, and from its summit, you can actually see Sigiriya in the distance.

Visiting the Pidurangala Temple

The most well-known and impressive hotel option close to the rock is the Hotel Sigiriya, which is actually located within the boundaries and offers the best rooms and service in the area.

Where to Stay Near Sigiriya

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