Simple Guide to Vietnamese Food

Traveling to another country can be stressful as well as exciting. One of the biggest concerns that we experience when we travel is what will we eat and is it safe.

If you’ve planned a holiday to Vietnam with a company like Encounters Travel and are feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to eat while you’re there, here’s a simple guide to Vietnamese food to help you get started.

Everyone should try these broths when visiting Vietnam. The ‘Pho’ refers to the rice noodles, but the name is commonly associated with the clear broth and meat ingredients and make the soup so delicious.


This dish is synonymous with Vietnam and is now enjoyed all over the world. While it uses the French baguette, this sandwich is distinctly Vietnamese thanks to its fillings, including things like pork belly and fishcakes.


A tasty type of pancake, this savory crepe makes for a delicious meal or snack. The batter is fried in rice flour and coconut milk, and filled with the savory goodness of pork and beansprouts.



These classic spring rolls are not fried, but it doesn’t stop them from being delicious. These can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including grilled pork, and pairing them with peanut sauce is a true taste sensation.

There are plenty of guides on how to eat in Vietnam, but it’s also important that you know what not to eat as well.

What Not to Eat

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