15 Stunning Iceland Cities to Add to Your Itinerary

Iceland is a small but spectacular country that’s better known for its wild and otherworldly landscapes than it is for its cities and towns. There are a lot of places to visit.

Iceland's cities, towns, and villages shouldn’t be ignored when you are exploring the country, though, because many of them offer a charming insight into unique local ways of life.


For many travelers, Grindavik is just a quick refreshment stop as they begin the road trip along the south coast of Iceland from the capital, and few people stay for long.


In Kopavogur, you can find the tallest building in Iceland, as well as the architecturally iconic Kopavogskirkja, an unusually designed church which forms a centerpiece on the skyline.



This is a port city, and it’s one of the oldest communities in the country. This is a great cultural hub, and Hafnarfjordur is best known for its regular festivals, held throughout the year.

Another of the most historic Iceland cities to visit in Borgarnes. The small city lies off the highway north of Reykjavik and is a great gateway to the beautiful Snaefellsnes Peninsula.



Vestmannaeyjar is best known for its dramatic, and rugged scenery, that’s beaten mercilessly by the wind and the sea and is subject to the ravages of volcanic activity.

Vik is also home to spectacular black sand beaches formed from volcanic eruptions, while it boasts one of the most inspiring coastlines in the country.


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