Top 6 Things to do in St Lucia

Found in the eastern Caribbean, St Lucia is a small island nation known for its rugged and dramatic scenery.

St Lucia is a small, but unique nation, but there is a lot to see on this Caribbean island. Here are the best things to do in St Lucia.

The best reason to visit Castries is to haggle and barter at the lively local markets which can be found across the city.

1. Explore Castries

This spectacular natural sight is found in the southwest, in Soufriere Bay, and tourists are able to quite literally drive to the very edge of the crater that contains the sulfur pouring out of this somewhat dormant volcano.

2. Visit the Sulfur Springs

3. Go to the Pitons

They are one of the best reasons to visit the island, and one of the best things to do in St Lucia is to climb them!

4. Visit the Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is one of St Lucia’s most popular tourist sights because there’s something for everyone within this national park.

5. Relax at the Grand Anse Beach

Located far away from the crowds, this remote stretch of sand is found on the less frequented east side of the island.

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