Top 8 African Safari Animals (and Where to Find Them!)

Today that tradition continues with the modern-day safari tour, an exciting way to see wild animals and wild landscapes.

We put together this African safari animal guide to help you to figure out the best places to see the animals that you’ve always wanted to in their wild habitats.

When you think of Africa you imagine African safari animals. Africa conjures images of charging elephants and roaring lions.

These fearsome beasts roam the plains in their extended pride, hunting prey across the savannas.

1. Lion

2. Rhino

The magnificent rhino is one of the most endangered of the big five safari animals in Africa.

3. Elephant

The elephant is another emphatic African animal that evokes all the adventures of the continent in visitors who are lucky enough to see them.

4. Cape Buffalo

This huge beast has few predators and has even been known to take down lions and even crocodiles.

The spotted big cat is a distinctive and powerful animal, one that stalks its prey and catches them with incredible bursts of speed.

5. Leopard

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