Uncover the Best Time to Visit Tahiti

“I’m going to Tahiti!” It’s a phrase that everyone hopes to say at least once in their lifetime (hopefully more!) 

If you’re not picky and just want to get yourself there to enjoy the crystal clear turquoise lagoons and overwater bungalows, then it’s just a matter of booking a ticket.

However, for those that may be a bit more discerning, there are better times and worse times to go depending on your goals and desires for your adventure.


June marks the beginning of winter for Tahiti. That means the trade winds begin to blow, bringing a calm wind across the islands that gently banish what remains of the oppressive humidity of summer.

June in Tahiti

This will be the priciest, most busy month to visit. It is best advised to avoid this month if you can. Especially if you’re planning a special event of any kind or are looking for a quiet vacation.

July in Tahiti

If you want to be in Tahiti in what is arguably the most popular month, you’ll need to plan and book your adventure sometimes a year in advance. August is the peak of the high season.

August in Tahiti

September in Tahiti

September shares many similarities to August, with perhaps fewer other people that you’ll need to fight tooth-and-claw for rooms, tours, restaurants, and space.

October is the final month of the dry season! This means it’s also still peak season, though it’s beginning to not be and you can luck out on some cheaper rates near the end of the month.

October in Tahiti

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