Is Westport, Ireland Worth Visiting?

The heritage town of Westport is absolutely worth visiting! This is the beauty of joining tours that visit lesser-known places.

You get to discover places that might not have made your list. More often than not, this leads to us visiting places that become our new favorites.

You have a town filled with rich history, friendly people, traditional pubs, and easy access to the natural beauty that Ireland is so well known for.

What To Expect From Westport?

Ireland as a whole has very unpredictable weather. So always be prepared with layered clothing and well-fitted shoes that are comfortable to walk around in.

Tips To Help Make Your Visit to Westport Smoother

Things To Do In Westport, Ireland

Wander the Town Centre

The town of Westport is a charming place, so do yourself a favor and lace up the sneakers for a nice long  self-guided tour around town.

See the Westport House

While you can stroll along the front lawn of Westport House, and see the beautiful gardens and lakes without a fee, there is a charge to enter the house and the area around it.

Learn About the Pirate Queen

There are different attractions in the area dedicated to the Pirate Queen. You should definitely take the time to learn more about her and the area’s history if you can.

This special little place offers live traditional Irish music, seven nights a week and it’s the traditional pub experience you dream of having in Ireland.

Spend a Night Out at Matt Molloy’s Pub

Achill Island has a lot to offer! A rugged island, filled with bogs and hills, with scenic views and small traditional Irish villages.

Visit Achill Island

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