What to Do in Kanab, Utah

Your oasis in a sea of rock and desert, the small town of Kanab is often used as the jumping-off point for adventure. 

Located within a few hours of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, many travelers choose to stay in Kanab before going out and exploring the beauty of Utah.

We know you can’t wait to get to Kanab to start your journey, but there may just be one snag in your plans – you don’t know what to do first!


You can rest easy because we’ve brought all the best things to do in Kanab, Utah, to one place!

Kanab Visitor Center Many of the sights around Kanab are not organized into parks, so before you decide to hit the trails, you can get the most up to date information at the visitor center.

Utah – Kanab “Walk of Fame” Historical Markers Known as Little Hollywood. Throughout the city, you can find great historical markers that highlight those who have made western movie.

Kanab Heritage House Museum Offering guests insights into the history and culture of Kanab, Kanab Heritage House Museum will show you what life was like in this frontier town.

Moqui Caverns System of caves and tunnels carved deep into the side of rock. Although small, the light shining in from the outside reflects off the sandstone in such way that's perfect for pictures.

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