When is the Best Time to Visit Europe?  (Not when you think!)

When is the best time to visit Europe? The answer is not one size fits all!

Europe can be visited year-round and the time to travel to Europe depends on what you hope to do while you’re there and your travel style and budget.


To break down the best time to visit Europe we have split the continent into 5 different regions including Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Europe.

Northern Europe is a lot like most of Europe – it is extremely popular to visit during the summer.

The Best Time To Visit Northern Europe

The Best Time To Visit Western Europe

Summer in Western Europe is when the weather is enjoyable, however, it is extremely busy.

Visiting Central Europe in the spring or fall will offer cooler weather in the early mornings and at night with the middle of the day being warm.

The Best Time To Visit Central Europe

The Best Time To Visit Eastern Europe

Traveling during the spring or fall is a great option since this is the shoulder season.

We love visiting Southern Europe during the spring and fall. There is bright green in the spring, with cooler mornings and nights.

The Best Time to visit Southern Europe

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