11 Easy Tips on How to Find Cheap Accommodation

No longer do you have to search from hotel to hotel as you seek out the best deal going.

There are tips and tricks to use online, loyalty cards to give you discounts and points and many more ways to find cheap accommodation around the world.


Hotels will slash their prices in the offseason, with rates plummeting outside of the peak season.

Travel Off Peak

Being flexible is the key to finding cheap accommodation because much like booking flights, hotels can offer different prices on different days of the weeks, and months throughout the year.

Be Flexible

Book Online

Online booking portals offer some of the best prices when it comes to booking hotels, and often, websites such as Agoda or Booking.com actually have better rates than booking through the hotel directly.

Search Hotel Comparison Sites

One of the best things about the online world is the fact that you can now easily search for hotel comparison sites to find the best deals and prices at that moment.

Sometimes they might offer a deal directly to customers that you can’t find elsewhere, so it’s a good idea to be comprehensive in your searches in case this is the case.

Contact Hotels Directly

You can find more unique styles of accommodation on Airbnb and you can also find exceptionally good deals on local apartments.

Try Airbnb

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