13 Best Stops on the Denver to Las Vegas Drive

The Denver to Las Vegas drive is one of the most exciting road trips you can take in the USA, giving you the chance to explore the best that the Southwestern states have to offer.

From Colorado across to Nevada, there’s so much to be seen. We aren’t just talking about a brief pit stop at the Grand Canyon, either – this road trip has so much more potential.

We recognize that this route can be done in two ways, one taking what we call the North Route that goes through northwest Colorado and the northern section of Utah.


The second being the South Route, which heads to the southwest of Colorado and then straddles the Arizona/Utah border, hitting the best of both in that area.

This post outlines the South Route. Which in our opinion, offers way more bang for your buck when it comes to exploring between Las Vegas and Denver.

Denver to Las Vegas Road Trip Map While it’s fairly comprehensive, there’s so much to see in such a vast area that you can easily add in detours and customize it to create your own itinerary.

What about accommodation, food, and fuel? Once you’re out of Denver, this is a fairly remote and, at times, seemingly empty and barren part of the country.

It’s also very well-trafficked; if you stick to the main highways, you won’t need any special vehicles or equipment to enjoy the road trip.

The best time to road trip from Denver to Las Vegas This is a vast and varied part of the USA, and the climate can vary quite significantly on the Denver to Las Vegas drive.

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