13 Fabulous Things to Do in Crystal River, FL

Most people find themselves in Crystal River, Florida for one reason, to swim with the manatees that seek safety and warmth in Kings Bay during the colder winter months.

Crystal River and the surrounding areas that makeup Citrus County offer a unique abundance of nature that is unique to Florida.

Let the manatees bring you to the area but let your desire to see the natural side of Florida keep you here for a few days, you won’t regret it.


Get Up Close with the Manatees Hands down the number one thing to do in Crystal River is the opportunity to swim with and interact with the hundreds of manatees

Three Sisters Springs This is also a really great option if you don’t want to be in the water but still want to see manatees on your visit to Crystal River.

Crystal River Archaeological State Park The park offers detailed informational signs throughout the grounds to offer education and insight into what you are seeing

Fort Island Gulf Beach The only beach you’ll find in Crystal River is Fort Island Gulf Beach. This small park offers a small beach, swimming area on the Gulf of Mexico, a pier with boardwalks, and some hiking trails.

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