50 Pictures of Tibet That Will Inspire You to Make the Trip

Tibet is one of those places that excites even the most seasoned travelers. It’s a place of mystery, wonder, controversy and insane natural landscapes.

Our goal is to uncover all of this with some of our favorite pictures of Tibet from our visit.


One of Tibet’s greatest statements is its people. A colorful, devoted bunch that has literally been through hell and back again.

People of Tibet in 25 Photos

The city pulses with devotion and smiles which quickly drew me in as we walked the streets each day of our visit.

People in Lhasa

Monks in Tibet

A visit to Tibet would not be complete without being graced with the presence of the Tibetan monks.

As home to the buddhist religion, many pictures of Tibet include monks, simply because they can be seen everywhere.

Countryside Pictures of Tibet

As we made our way across the countryside from Lhasa to Shigatse and then on to Everest, we came across many local Tibetans.

Many of them congregate around the stops, including the many passes we came across at high elevation.

They kindly smiled, made eye contact and offered us a chance to shop their displays of trinkets.

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